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Welcome to Disabled Artists Network This is our Sixth Site now which originated from where you will find links to our other sites and some History. For now though, I would like to Introduce to you three of our Newest Artists; Carol and Billy Rainwater Barnes, whom are also Native American, and Terry Davis.

Pictured to the right is a Gorgeous Original Painting by Terry Davis titled: "Terengi Tiger". If you click on Terry's name above you will see more Art by this Artist whom has an amazing ability to capture an animals expression and feeling. Terry also does commissions for Animal lovers favorite Pets.

Carol and Billy Rainwater Barnes

Pictured to the right is the "Famous Doll Carrier" created by husband-wife Artists Carol and Billy Rainwater Barnes. This Doll Carrier is famous because it was modeled after one seen in the Movie "Oklahoma Kid" starring James Cagney. Not only is this Carrier associated with that Movie but Billy Rainwater is also. After meeting with the Movie Stars, he was given the SAG no. to use for rest of his life. To find out more just click on Rainwater above.


Availability for Original or commissioned work can be found out by emailing these Artists. The email information is on their Personal Page which can be found by clicking on their name above.

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